Continuously In Development

HR Manage is constantly being developed and improved to stay up to date with the latest technology and incorporate best practices and client requests. Although we do plan our releases ahead and assign specific tasks and requests to specific versions, there are some some features that will still take a while and does not have any specific version number or release date linked to it. Some of these items can later be moved to specific target dates if orders for them are received. Our plans also change multiple times over the year as client priorities take precedence.

This page provides information on our short term goals (Current version in development) and long term goals.

  • Planned for 2022

    In early 2022 we'll be releasing a Survey add-on for the workflow module which essentially allows multiple participants per form. This will enable incognito 360 reviews.

    We'll also look at upgrading the Employee Management module to the new platform as well as a new Importer platform with new standard ways for integration.

    As always, look forward to new functionality on existing modules like new types of workflow activities and greater flexibility and integration with new systems.

  • Looking forward 2023

    We're exploring options for developing a mobile app for HR Manage and we're also looking for a preferred payroll partner for offering single unified solutions with in future tenders.

  • Future Plans 2024

    Watch this space.