Payroll Integration

Synchronise Biographic data from SAP or Payroll

HR Manage can integrate with virtually any payroll, either via importing exported files from the payroll or via direct importing from the payroll’s data source. The available integration methods are dependent on the payroll being used. Where requested, we can also develop custom integration solutions that allows HR Manage to write data back to the payroll or even to other systems like gate access control, medical systems, etc.

HR Manage usually imports employee data and the specifications of what exactly gets imported, is determined by the client. Training data, unless part of a custom developed interface, can be imported as a once-off exercise from where it will further be managed in HR Manage.

Payrolls to Import From

We have clients using various payrolls from Dynamique, VIP, SAP, Pastel and even older payrolls like Unique. Our ability to interface with a payroll is dependent on what kind of “data exposure” the payroll offers. With payrolls like Dynamique & SAP that stores their data in a SQL / ODBC accessible database, we can set up an automatic overnight update. Other payrolls that does not allow this, will have to export their data to a CSV, Excel or other compatible file that HR Manage can interface with.

The only requirement that we have is that the file to be imported at each interval, must contain the same field / column names as the previous file and contain at least one field that remains constant that can be used as the primary key (ID Number / SAP Number preferred). Records without a primary key will not be imported.

HR Manage Importer

The HR Manage Importer will retrieve the payroll data and transform it so that it matches up with the job titles, locations and other lookups in HR Manage. If a change in job title / location is detected during the import, the system will automatically create a new occupation so that movement history is saved. The Importer also allows you to manage Automatic Import Tasks and specify when and how often they should run. It is possible to import from multiple payrolls / data sources, each with their own structure and matching values.

After each import, the system will provide the user with a report of exactly who imported, which employees haven’t changed since the last import and which employees failed to import and the reason. For failed employees, the user can correct the conditions and do a re-import of the single employee without running the whole import again.