Workflow Management

Custom Process Workflows

Users can design their own workflows or partner with our experts to streamline and automate business processes. With a range of activity types to choose from, (Auto-fill forms, Sign Off’s, Questionnaires, Automated Decisions, Auto-fill Document e.g., contracts and many more.) you are able to enforce business rules. Workflows provide the foundation for data integrity. 

Workflow templates are designed through the windows application with a user-friendly graphic interface (drag and drop).

Typical processes that will benefit from a custom workflow:

  • On-boarding, Transfers, and Termination of employees
  • Covid Vaccine status Record keeping and Compliance Reports.
  • Change in Conditions of Employment
  • Change Request on Medical Aid Benefits
  • Request Assistance (Employee Assistance Program)
  • Request approval for Overtime Work
  • Automated UIF processing
  • Temporary Staff Movements
  • Incidents Reporting



    Summary of Features


    Workflows can be categorised into folders that are linked to security groups and locations. This controls which workflows can be started by certain employees and determines who can respond to what activities.


    Define subscribers for each workflow template to determine who must be notified when a workflow gets updated.

    Task Lists

    During a workflow, tasks can be created and assigned to individual people. The workflow will only be able to move to the next activity once all the tasks have been completed. Task lists can either be set up initially (from a template) or created during the workflow.


    Build standard workflows, define the flow and activities for each process and group them neatly into folders.

    Custom Forms

    Forms containing various types of text, images, your logos and questions can be built and used during the workflow creation or as activities later on in the workflow.


    Decisions can be included in the workflow to change the flow of the process based on information captured in an earlier activity.

    Automated business processes is intelligent effort.